VA Home Loans by Refined Lending is dedicated to serving the men and women of the armed forces who’ve served our country through difficult times. That’s why we’re taking COVID-19 exposure seriously and mitigating as much risk as possible while continuing to offer our services. Our new processes are designed to protect everyone involved in the home-buying process.

Our processes have taken a “No-Touch” approach to our mortgage options, along with a few other ways we’re different from other lenders:

  • “No Touch” online application process
  • Apply online and upload documents from the safety of your own home
  • Approximately 50% of applications receive property inspection waivers (appraisal waivers), meaning an inspection isn’t required
  • Clients can request an exterior-only appraisal if desired on Conventional Loans
  • Special COVID-19 appraisal process for those homes that do require interior appraisal to minimize contact and reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure
  • 30-to-45-day turn time remains in place for all purchase transactions – We’re putting purchases first!
  • Still offering ALL government-backed loans (FHA, VA, USDA) down to a 620 FICO score
  • Portfolio Loan Options – Jumbo
  • “No-Touch” closing options with the closing documents delivered to your home, then we review them with you over live video
  • Offering Competitive MARKET-based rates
  • Still offering ALL down payment assistance programs

For mortgage approvals requiring an interior appraisal, added safety precautions have been put in place. Appraisals are considered an essential business and are being conducted at this time. The goal is to limit exposure for you as well as for our panel appraisers. These new procedures have been in place since February and have allowed our clients and the appraisers to remain healthy, safe, and reduce the spread of the virus.

  • If you have traveled in the past 10 days, been exposed or have symptoms of COVID-19, or are in quarantine after being tested, please let us know.
  • If an appraisal is required the appraiser will be inside your home for approximately 10-15 minutes, they sanitize their hands, clipboards, writing utensils, measuring equipment, and phones prior to coming in your home.
  • Appraisers will wear gloves and masks.
  • At your inspection, it’s requested that you open all doors, front door and all interior rooms and turn on all lights prior to their arrival. This will allow appraisers to have minimal contact with surfaces inside your house.
  • They avoid touching anything in your home and won’t take anything from your home, such as a list of improvements that you may have drafted. They will not be leaving anything at your home such as a business card.
  • After your inspection, please email any improvements you have made to your property since purchasing or improvements in the last five years.

These procedures have worked very well in the past months and we look for your corporation moving forward. Again, we take exposure to COVID-19 very seriously and we look forward to completing your mortgage transaction safely. We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time and encourage you to contact us directly (call/text 763.784.8700, Email should you have any questions.