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Renovation Loan Program

VA Renovation Home Loan

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VA Renovation Loan General Guidelines

  • Purchase & Refinance allowed
  • Maximum 100% LTV allowed
  • Allowable repairs both structural & non-structural
  • Cosmetic Renovations allowed up to $35k Total Renovation Costs
  • Consultant/Inspector Required for Structural Repairs or $35k+ Total Renovation Costs
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Benefits of a VA Renovation Loan

  • Up to 1-4 units Properties allowed (lender discretion
    Renovations must be completed after closing within 3-4 months (lender discretion)
  • No Minimum Renovation Budget is required (lender discretion)
  • Appraisal – May require After Improved Value only or both After Improved and As-Is Value (lender discretion)
  • 2-3 Contractor Draw Payments allowed (lender discretion)
  • Minimum 10-20% contingency required for additional health and safety issues (lender discretion)

$0 Down VA Home Loans:
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